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We offer an alternative and non-judgemental approach to health and fitness in one of the most stunning locations in the UK. Fitness should be enjoyed by everyone. It is our right to not only enjoy exercise, but to reap the incredible rewards of it.

Our aim is to make fitness all inclusive, not exclusive. The social support network within the Bootcamp community is second to none. No matter what you're level of fitness, you will be welcomed by our experienced team and fellow Bootcampers.

You can check out what our members have had to say in our testimonials!

Or meet the instructor team who will guide you on your bootcamp journey.


Whether it's lifestyle change, fat loss, training for an event or to simply feel better, we provide you with the means to get there. The programmes and courses we offer ensure that you have the necessary guidance and support.

The camaraderie from Bootcampers and support from the team will shape your experience. We take interest in every single person who signs up with us so we can get you to your goals.

Commitment, self-discipline, good nutrition, correct methods of exercise and adequate recovery are the basics you will work towards with us.

Bootcamp will give you a platform of between 4 and 8 weeks to make the necessary changes with the right people around you.

We understand the importance of accountability and this is reflected in the success of our programmes. A Bootcamp is designed to take you on a journey from A to B. Set goals, stay dedicated and work hard towards what is important for YOU.

By signing up to a Bootcamp programme, you get just that. The community feel of Bootcamp allows you to join a highly supportive network of like-minded people. Strength in numbers is the secret ingredient to your success with us.


The benefits of outdoor based exercise are incredible. From the physical exhilaration to the mental and psychological stimulation, Cornwall offers some of the best locations from which our programmes are based.

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