Meet the Team

We understand the importance of having the right guidance and support. With a vast range of experience in many different areas of health and fitness, our instructor team will be dedicated and on hand to push, guide, motivate and support you every single step of the way.

  • Photo of Ben Harris

    Ben Harris

    Senior Instructor

    Having spent his whole life being active, a career in health and exercise was a no-brainer for Ben. A qualified Personal Trainer of 7 years, Ben put himself through a Sport Science degree in 2012 to further his knowledge, with additional training in advanced sports nutrition. He enjoys keeping himself fit through OCR races, Kettlebell Training, Muay Thai boxing and running. Find out more at

  • Photo of Trev Lampshire

    Trev Lampshire

    Senior Instructor

    As a former Royal Marine, there are not many challenges that Trev will turn his hand to. From extreme sports to OCR racing, Trev knows how to get the best from himself and from others. His 'vocal encouragement' can be heard on Bootcamps, although his bark is often bigger than his bite! Trev enjoys training himself in a number of disciplines including gymnastics, martial arts and power-lifting.

  • Photo of Hannah Kenworthy

    Hannah Kenworthy

    Fitness Instructor and Run Leader

    Hannah believes as a coach you should ‘practise what you preach’. This has led her to partake in many different sports and training methods running , swimming ,weightlifting, HIIT , you name it she’s had a go!
    Hannah says she has been known as a tough coach and really likes to motivate and push people to their max!
    In this past year having started a family herself she has stepped away from the performance side of fitness and now has a passion for training people for health benefits both physical and mental.
    She loves helping people achieve their goals and understands how important  that hour of training can be as everyone needs some precious ‘me time’.
  • Photo of Robyn Austin

    Robyn Austin

    Fitness and Yoga Instructor

    Robyn has a background as a fitness instructor, yoga and dance teacher. With an incredibly supportive persona, Robyn will really help you on your fitness journey. However, don't let the smiles deceive you... Having previously competed in Judo and with martial arts training, this beauty can easily turn on 'beast mode' and dish out the beastings!

  • Photo of David Morgan

    David Morgan

    Fitness Instructor

    Dave joined the Bootcamp Cornwall team in January 2017. Having been on the journey of change himself, Dave knows what it takes to get yourself to where you want to be. Previously weighing 18 stone, Dave set himself the task of getting himself fit and active on a regular basis. With an exceptional ability to motivate, Dave loves to push you and he knows what it takes to get the best from you.

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