"Ben and the team have been incredible over the 6 week Summer Bootcamp! I never thought I would be doing what I've done and feel so good about myself. Bring on the next one!"
Sam, Bootcamp Falmouth

"I couldn't imagine my life without the regular doses of dynamic group training and epic levels of serotonin release!"
Emma, Bootcamp Falmouth

"Before I did the Bootcamps I was one of those girls that would follow really healthy fit people on social media and compare myself and get frustrated when I wasn't losing weight.
I've come to realise after starting Bootcamp that cutting calories and fad diets don't work at all! My body shape has completely changed! My attitude to exercise and food has changed, I make better choices but still allow treats at the weekends and I have a lot more energy!
I love the people I do the Bootcamp and Strength Camp with as everyone supports each other 100% and the coaches have kept pushing me! I'm so proud of what I've achieved so far!
Thanks for re educating me - eating right and exercising is always the way forward, I'm slowly starting to get the body I always wanted but never thought I'd be able to get!"
Jamie, Bootcamp Falmouth

"Life changing, fears conquered and memories gained with an inspirational Bootcamp team!"
Haylee, Bootcamp Falmouth

"Bootcamp has done more for me that I can put into words. With support and encouragement from both team mates and instructors, I have achieved more than I ever though possible.
I started 12 months ago and have never looked back"
Natalie, Bootcamp Falmouth

"Within 5 minutes of the first session, I knew I had done the right thing. The trainers were welcoming, the group was supportive and encouraging - everyone was in the same boat.
As I left the first session, people were telling each other how well everyone else had done. It was a real confidence booster and I couldn't wait for the next session!
After only one week I felt so much better about myself. My posture had improved, I was walking straighter and with photos of healthy food in the support group, I was encouraged to amend my eating habits for the better.
The benefit of exercising outside really helped me; just when you think you cant give any more, the views and the camaraderie from the group and trainers keep you going.
Every week we were given exercises to do at home, simply yet effective 20 minute 'HIT' sessions.
The final week came round very quickly and everyone was sad when the last session was over as we had become a big family.
The icing on the cake was the final measurements session. My results were really good and I was proud to share my achievements with my family.
I have 6 grandchildren and want to be able to play, jump, run and swim with them for years to come. Thanks to Ben, Trev, Dave, Jared and Robyn, this 63 year old will be able to do just that.
Many thanks guys!"
Jane, 63, Bootcamp Falmouth

"Bootcamp Falmouth allowed me to focus on seriously improving my fitness in a non judgemental, friendly and fun environment. The nutrition advice changed the way I eat forever and helped me kick a longstanding sweetner addiction! Highly recommend."
Jo, Bootcamp Falmouth

"I've taken part in several Bootcamps with Bootcamp Cornwall in Falmouth. Each one has challenged and push me outside my comfort zones in a supportive, fun team environment. What is so great is that everyone starts in their own place with their own goals in mind. Friendships are made and together we've tackled various mud runs and numerous other events and challenges. For so many of us these Bootcamps have helped us on a journey of self discovery, helping us to achieve things we wouldn't have dreamed of - physically, mentally, emotionally. I can't recommend them enough!"
Ruth, Bootcamp Falmouth

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