Cars, Health and Nutrition

What are the comparisons between your health, learning the importance of nutrition and your car?

Imagine this; you've just been given a brand new car. It has zero miles on the clock and is in immaculate condition.

You're told this car is yours, to do with what you like.

But there is one condition...

You have to drive this car for the rest of your life. No swaps. No returns. If you damage it, you deal with it.

All expenses to look after the car are now yours.

So here's the question; are you going to maintain this car to keep it going for as long as possible, or leave it to deteriorate by not servicing it and fuelling it incorrectly.

Hopefully this paints a good picture and is relatable to YOU, YOUR BODY and YOUR HEALTH.

The body you have is the one you have for the rest of your life. And just like a car, your body needs constant re-fuelling, servicing and maintaining to a good standard.

If it doesn't? It gets poorly and your health deteriorates. During your later years, if you haven't looked after yourself, you will find yourself unable being unable to do the things you once did. Your freedom to enjoy life to it's fullest will start to go.

Your goal should be to maintain your body and your health to a standard that lets you live a life full of freedom, movement, happiness and enjoyment, not one of restriction.

How many people moan that they can't do things because they have a bad back?

How many people aren't able to go out in to the world and enjoy their life because of poor health?

People might read this and relate to it. Maybe you have a health condition which prevents you from doing the things you want to right now.

The crazy thing is, the solution to this for most people simply lies in two key areas:

  1. Move more, get some exercise and fresh air
  2. Eat well, make healthy food choices to maintain good health

When it comes to eating well, we often hear how people start new diets but stop after a few weeks.

We hear that the dieting side of being healthy is too hard.

So let me ask another question...

When you started learning to drive, did you become a good driver ready to pass your test after 1 or 2 lessons?

It probably took a while.

And like learning to drive, the process about learning how to eat healthy, learning about nutrition, learning about the type of exercise that you enjoy often takes a while.

Do you think a trainee mechanic with no previous knowledge learns every single aspect of every single car part in a single day?

Don't expect to get it all straight away; we're talking about learning valuable knowledge and skills which will enable you to look after yourself for life.

That should be the goal. Not to start a new diet every month. But to learn the fundamentals of nutrition and exercise which means you can make decent choices for the rest of your life.

And we all know about putting the right kind of fuel into a car.

If you don't know what happens when you put petrol in a diesel, please don't try doing this! (Trust me, I have done this and it is not worth the hassle of getting it repaired!)

The moral here is simple; put the wrong fuel in your car and it damages it pretty badly!

If you constantly put the wrong fuel (food) in your body, your health will most likely begin to suffer.

Your risk of cancers, diebetes, obesity, strokes and heart conditions will rise.

Your health will likely suffer and you'll have a weakened immune system. Your hair, eyes, skin and nails will suffer. Energy levels and mood will be low which will potentially affect your mental wellbeing.

So start investing in your health. Start maintaining the body you have for the rest of your life.

In years to come, your older self will thank you for the decisions you make now.

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