Restrictive Eating; Good or Bad?

Do you completely cut out and limit certain foods from your daily intake when on a health kick?

Do you impose strict rules when it comes to eating at times?

If so, read on.

Any diet with restrictions will potentially have problems.

Most methods of healthy eating routines include eliminating high calorie foods (junk food, pizzas, crisps, alcohol, chocolate, etc).


Simply put, these high calorie foods have very little to contribute to our health and are responsible for weight gain.

I certainly recommend making these kind of changes.

Cutting them out therefore elicits fat loss.

Q: So what’s the issue? 🤷‍♂️

A: Erm... they taste so damn good and I never want to leave them out of my life 🤦‍♂️

For this reason, most people will struggle to keep them out of their dietary intake.

If you’re told not to do something that you enjoy, you’re more inclined to do it.

Especially when it comes to cutting out your favourite foods.

Cutting out complete food groups, such as carbs, chocolate or alcohol often becomes too restrictive and leaves us craving those foods even more.

Is this good for long term success? NO.

Telling someone they’re not allowed something creates conflict and they end up wanting it more.

Will power only goes so far, and what happens when we give in to cravings?

Boom, welcome to binge city and a rush of emotional eating.

Motivation is lost. Goals are forgotten about. You feel like a failure.

A solution?

Let’s change the mindset here and try this...

Keep those foods you enjoy on the shopping list.

Allow yourself to eat those foods you enjoy.

Jesus Christ, you’re only human and one day you won’t be around to enjoy them, so let’s be smart about it.

Let’s remove the battle and constant fear of restricting the things we enjoy and have a more flexible approach.

We know that eating too much leads to weight gain. We know we can’t lose fat if we eat too much. We know that being fat for too long leads to health issues. We know that certain foods aren’t good for our health.

We are aware of the consequences of our actions.

So when it comes to eating, ask yourself if what you’re going to consume will take you closer to your goal, or will it take you further away?

Now we can relate to how you value yourself, your health and your goals.

Rather than restriction, we start to think “I don’t want to eat that because I value my goal more”.

When you value your goal and let those values influence your lifestyle choices in a positive and balanced way, you’re well on your way to success.

And if you do decide that you need to eat a slice of that pizza, know that it can sit nicely within your flexible approach, as long as it doesn’t turn into a whole pizza with chips and garlic sauce, followed by an ice cream sundae and washed down with 3 pints of cider.

Lift the restrictions but remember that ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES 🐷

So get smart, value your goals, value your health and enjoy foods with an open mind, flexible approach and the ability to maintain progression even on a slightly unhealthy day (because we all have them).

Changing this mind set and way of thinking puts you in control and sets you up for success.

P.s. a few small squares of chocolate or slice of pizza never hurt anyone. Just don’t lose your head, keep it moderated.

#JustSayin 🍕

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