Strength Camp

Small Group Training Package

Strength Camp is a progressive small group training programme.

Using the principles of Personal Training, participants will focus on mastering fundamental lifting techniques combined with an array of strength training methods.

Strength training is one of the most effective ways to improve body shape, reduce body fat and get lasting results.

The primary focus is the Kettlebell, one of the most effective, functional and varied tools of the trade.

Our aim is to build total body and functional strength. Rather than working body parts in isolation, we look at how to combine movement patterns to develop a strong, functional body.

What will Strength Camp give me?

  • Improved body shape, posture and confidence
  • Build lean muscle and accelerate fat loss
  • Increased metabolism, meaning you'll burn fat for longer
  • Progressive training at your own pace
  • Have more energy for work, life and the kids!
  • Reduce your chances of injury
  • A friendly and relaxed coaching environment
  • No running!
  • Learn fundamental lifts and movement patterns
  • Lift, squat, swing, pull, press and lunge your way to superior fitness
  • Seriously boost your mental wellbeing
  • Increase bone density and joint strength
  • Reduce the risk of certain health conditions
  • Improve athleticism and sports performance
  • A chance to step up training or get back to basics
  • Build a strong and confident body
  • Stay motivated by keeping your training fresh and varied
  • Utilise a whole range of training techniques
  • Small group training for more coaching time
  • Learn how to sustain results based nutrition and healthy eating
  • Delivered by an experience PT and strength coach with 10+ years experience

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About Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells are one of the most effective and versatile training tools used by athletes and fitness practitioners all over the world.

They are a type of free weight with the ability to develop the complete spectrum of strength.

Free weight training is widely known to be the most effective type of strength training, with Kettlebells providing variety and movement patterns essential to getting results.

Our choice of Kettlebell is the Russian Competition Kettlebell; the most effective and sought after Kettlebells in the industry.

Methods of Strength Training

  • Supersets
  • Drop sets
  • Pyramid training
  • Flows and sequences
  • Compound vs Isolation
  • Pre-exahaustive & post-exhaustive
  • PHA (peripheral heart action)
  • Circuit training
  • Complex sets

The Next Strength Camp Dates

Our Strength Camps run year round in both Truro and Falmouth. The next Strength Camp dates are as follows...

Bootcamp Truro

Bootcamp Falmouth

Whats Next?

After you've signed up, we will send out your Bootcamp Lifestyle and Nutrition guide so you can get started right away.

You will also have a link to join our exclusive private online Bootcamp Cornwall Members Support Group to meet fellow Bootcampers and swap ideas on food, exercise and lifestyle.

For any questions or to discuss anything prior to starting, simply email [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP.

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