The Importance Of Strength Training

Adding a strength training routine could be one of the best decisions you make in terms of health improvement.

Health professionals all over the country are now backing the use of strength training in our weekly exercise routines in order to live a longer, healthier life (click here to read more on this).

Not only will it help prevent muscle degeneration as we get older, but it will also keep us stronger for longer; our bones and joints will last longer in life.

We will be able to do the things we enjoy doing for longer and health complications such as osteoporosis (brittle bone disease) and arthritis will be prolonged or in some cases, prevented.

From a fat loss perspective, building lean muscle is one of the best long term solutions to weight management.

Muscle is active tissue and requires energy (calories) to function 24/7. By having an increased muscle mass, even a few pounds extra, you will be able to burn a few extra calories each day.

"But won't I get big and bulky?"

This is something we hear all too often; people worry about bulking up when doing some strength based work.

Strength training will increase your muscle mass, but it will also burn body fat in the long term. The only way you will become 'bulkier' is if you eat more than you need.

If you worry about bulking up from strength training, you are likely not considering (or not aware) of the health benefits.

Start asking yourself what could go right and learn about the fantastic advantages!

If you do start bulking up, consult someone educated in the world of nutrition, as it is highly likely you'll be eating a little bit too much of something.

Our Strength Camps offer a 6-week group training package that focuses on safe and effective methods of lifting.

Members benefit from a relaxed and controlled environment from which to learn new techniques and work through at their own pace.

We use Kettlebells, Barbells, Weight Plates, Loaded Vests and Body Weight exercises to elicit resistance training, with a ton of different training methods to keep sessions varied and enjoyable.

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